Lower Insurance Rates With Technology

8232078_mThe rise of technology has finally hit the insurance industry.

After finally getting onto the internet from, the notoriously slow adopters are finally incorporating technology to better judge how well or how safe a driver is. There are now a range of optional technology you can opt to install into your vehicle so that insurance companies can get more information on any accidents that happen.


Insurance companies are finally acknowledging how effective dashcams can be at accurately determining who’s fault an accident is. With these cameras, insurance companies can get a clearer view of what happened and the extent of the damage done.

The result is that car insurance fraud should be greatly reduced and you can also see whether the cars involved were speeding, driving through a red light etc.

Dashcams are relatively inexpensive, and is definitely a good idea to have them installed in your own cars.

A lot of crashes happen when there are no witnesses, or where there are witnesses but they are unable to testify. In these circumstances, the only thing insurance companies have to work on is your statement against his. A decision will be made without all the facts, and therefore can be fairly inaccurate with false positives or false negatives resulting from the decision.

With a dashcam installed, the insurance company should lower your premiums by a bit. Depending on how much it reduces the risk of you having an accident, they would lower it by that amount.

Telematics Speed Sensors (Blackbox)

Insurance companies have recently introduced a new device that drivers can opt to install in their cars.

This device basically tracks the cars speed when activated. A whole load of stats can then be relayed back to the insurance company such as stopping time, average speed, average distance and total distance. All of these things can be used by the insurance company to determine whether you are a safe driver or not.

If you are a safe driver, then you should definitely opt in to one of these programs.

If they see you drive safe, then your premiums can be lowered by a significant amount. However if you are caught speeding or they see that you drive dangerously then you might see your premiums sky rocket. For this reason, if you’ve been told that you drive too fast, or you drive dangerously don’t risk opting into one of these programs as it may be counter intuitive.

Another benefit of this is that in the event of a crash, the data inside this can be used to determine who’s fault the collision was. If one person says the other was speeding during the time of collision, and the black box says otherwise, then it could help the guy get a successful claim.

It’s good to see insurance companies taking a step in the right direction in terms of using technology to categorize good and bad drivers.

What we’d like to see is insurance companies continuing down this path and adding more devices into vehicles to get a better overview of the driver.

Who Else Wants to Save on Auto Insurance?

If you would  like to save money on your car insurance there are 2 ways to get started.

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5 Ways To Get A Better Deal

8038741_sCombine the more volatile weather with empty pockets due to Christmas and we get an instant urge to save on one of the most important but significant expense coming out of our bank accounts every month.

This is car insurance.

These 5 tips will get you a long way to saving hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance every year.

It’s not that hard to lower your insurance rates, and by implementing these few ideas into your insurance process, you should be able to save big and cut costs where you don’t need it.

Maybe you can even start saving for next years Christmas presents.

1. Do Not Only Look At Price

A lot of people new to buying insurance fall for the common idea that the cheaper the cover the better.

It’s important that you understand that this is not always the case. Whilst saving some money on your insurance is important, it’s more important that you have the right amount of cover so that when the time comes to claiming on your insurance, you’re not left out in the cold.

Comparison sites are great when it comes to getting a reasonable price for the coverage you need. You can put in some filters to hide the policies that don’t fit your bill, and the policies that don’t fit your specifications.

What you are left with will be all the policies that are suitable for you.

2. Don’t Go For Optional Excess

Whilst compulsory excess has to be paid for any insurance policy.

Most insurance companies also offer you a trade off between excess and premium. You can opt in for an optional increase in excess and in return, the insurance company will give you a better rate for your auto car insurance.

Whilst doing this will give you a cheaper policy, it is rarely worth it, and in the event of an accident, you will need to pay this extra excess in order to make a claim.

3. Don’t Get Stuck With The Same Insurer

When it comes to car insurance, it’s easy for people to wind up using the same car insurance providers for years on end, simply because they don’t want the hassle of having to move elsewhere. This is a mistake, and a change in providers can save you a lot of money every month.

The best deals are usually only for new customers.

4. Add Someone More Experience

Sometimes adding someone with a bit more experience under their belt can actually lower your premiums. This is because it means you are sharing the car with that driver, and not driving it all the time yourself.

5. Read Up Yourself

If there is something you don’t understand about a policy, you need to read up on it before making any decision. Something that you don’t understand in your policy could be the difference between a successful claim and one that doesn’t get approved.

Who Else Wants to Save on Auto Insurance?

If you would  like to save money on your car insurance there are 2 ways to get started.

Get free PA auto insurance quotes by clicking the link and answering a few simple questions. You can also call 800-821-2436 x1 today and find out how much you can save!


Google To Sell Car Insurance

10164812_mThe newest addition to the car insurance industry is an unlikely one.

Google has just announced that they’re working on a new comparison site for consumers to buy auto insurance in America. The company has also gone ahead and taken over a smaller San Francisco based insurance comparison site.

As with everything Google does (except google plus of course) we’re optimistic with what they’re going to produce. It’s not the first time that the company has delved into competitive industries where they have no business being in.

Online Car Insurance

Car insurance is a super competitive industry, and the online environment for it is even more crazy than the one off the internet.

With the wealth of information available on the internet, consumers are getting smarter with the way they shop and the way they buy insurance. It’s not like there aren’t any comparison sites already on the internet, a new comparison site for car insurance is going to have to force it’s way in between other more established sites.

Google will earn it’s money from the commission earned when a successful sale is made.

Although insurance companies aren’t diving straight in and showing their support, many are generally optimistic and welcoming of the news. More competition on the comparison front equates to a more competitive rate for the insurance providers behind.

This isn’t something new to Google by any means though.

At least in some other geographical locations. In fact, Google launched “Google Compare” in the UK last year, which seems to be exactly what they’re trying to replicate in the US market. Obviously, Google has seen a gap in the niche for a brand aware and simple service to add to their ever growing repertoire of internet services.

The big question is whether Google can do something better than the other comparison sites currently on the market.

As it stands the information available from getting a quote from insurance comparison sites is already relatively comprehensive, and a simple duplicate of this won’t be very successful. If they can get more insurers on board, or are able to offer discounted prices, they could be a real market leader in a few years. The big problem that people currently have with insurance comparison sites is that they still need to educate themselves as to what the separate parts of the policy means. Terms like excess, third party or fully comprehensive are all unknown phrases if you’re buying your first car insurance policy.

If Google is able to simplify the process, then it means consumers will be less confused when buying car insurance. A lot of comparison sites remain fairly confusing for the auto insurance n00b, but with a more comprehensive system and simpler steps, this could really revolutionize the online insurance industry.

We’re really excited about seeing the new Google compare site launched in the US. Hopefully it will be able to spark some more competition in the industry and push each other to new limits.

Who Else Wants to Save on Auto Insurance?

If you would  like to save money on your car insurance there are 2 ways to get started.

Get free PA auto insurance quotes by clicking the link and answering a few simple questions. You can also call 800-821-2436 x1 today and find out how much you can save!