Fraudsters In Auto Insurance

It’s no secret that Philadelphia has a relatively high crime rate. And it’s also no secret that one of the best ways to safeguard your vehicle’s value is to buy auto insurance.

What auto insurance does, is it compensates you in the event that something on the policy happens. Depending on the specific type or category of policy you have, will determine what you are covered for and what you are not. For example, a fully comprehensive auto insurance policy is the category where the most comprehensive cover is (and usually the most expensive too), and if you are enrolled in one of these policies, if you get into a road accident, the insurance company will pay to sort out any damages done to your vehicle, if the reparation costs are sufficiently high, the insurance company may choose to simply pay you off the maximum amount, which is enough for you to buy a replacement car of similar specifications.

So auto insurance is a protection method that drivers use to reduce their risk on the road. How does that relate to good for nothing fraudsters, who are constantly trying to find new ways of conning people out of their money?

Well what fraudsters do is they try to make false claims for bills and reparation costs to be paid either on their own car insurance policy or someone else’s. For example, if the fraudster wanted to claim off your car insurance, they would simply have to emergency stop in front of you, and induce a hit into the back of their car from your car. When you hit into the back of their car, the insurance companies will usually side with the car in front, meaning they will make the decision that this road traffic accident was your fault, therefore the claims will be made to your insurance company.

Ok, so they can make a claim, but how do they make the money? Easy, simply but faking the extent of the damage done to the vehicle in that small collision. They can usually work together with garages and mechanics, so that false information is sent up to the insurance company. this information will suggest a much higher cost to repair the vehicle and therefore the fraudsters will be able to repair the vehicle, and pocket some money as well.

Why Do They Do It?

Well for them it’s easy money. All they need to do is scout out for their victim. Maybe a young driver who is experienced, or a car that is driving a bit too close for their liking. A simple quick brake will be enough to induce a collision out of you, and the rest of the game is played on their turf. As it’s rarely the first time they have done something like this, they would probably know the ins and outs of your policy. They would know exactly what they have to say, and what they have to do to extort money out of your insurance company.


Online Auto Insurance

For many years the citizens of Philadelphia have been stuck with the long method of finding comparing and buying auto insurance. The old method is simply outdated now and whilst a lot of people still use it for preference reasons, the mass majority have now started making use of the internet to shorten and quicken the whole process of picking out the most suitable auto insurance.

For many people, the most time consuming part of buying car insurance is the comparison part. Individually getting the quotes from insurance companies was common place in the 20th century, but now in the 21st century, comparison sites offer this service at a fraction of the cost of insurance brokers.

Using the internet to find auto insurance is both cost effective and time effective. You’ll find that a lot of the time, insurance companies actually offer better rates when you buy through their online store. This might seem strange, but actually it makes perfect sense.

Firstly, the cost of you going through the whole procedure can easily be automated and completed instantly when done through the internet. Because the data is digital, it can go through certain algorithms and integrate with the database automatically without human intervention. Because of the minimal admin work and filing needed to be done, the quote can usually be finalised in a very short space of time.

What’s more is that the insurance companies know that the online market for insurance is a lot more competitive than the market off the internet. When they’re talking to a client face to face, the client doesn’t have the luxury of quickly looking up the specifications of a policy from a different company, they are at the liberty of the insurance company, and need to take everything that they are told. It’s much harder to reject a quote face to face, than it is to reject one through the computer screen. This is why auto insurance not bought on the internet can hold a higher price tag. This is just one of the main reasons why it’s better to buy insurance off the internet.

The only difference is you don’t have a person holding your hands and guiding you through the whole procedure with personalised advice. If you are thinking of buying insurance off the internet, it’s important that you educate yourself as to the ins and outs of car insurance. Only by understanding car insurance policies can you know what cover you need, and base your decision upon that knowledge.

In conclusion, buying online is nearly always the better option of the two. However, you do need to do a bit more homework as you won’t have a professional guiding you through the whole procedure. Usually this isn’t a problem, all you need to do is spend a couple of days reading some books or information gotten for free off the internet. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to pick out a good policy yourself, in the comfort of your own home.


Philadelphia Auto Insurance Introduction

In Philadelphia, auto insurance is mandatory if you are driving a vehicle on the road. It’s a necessary expense to protect both you and and liability you may bring from an accident on the roads.

Buying auto insurance is a rather painless procedure, and everyone that has a vehicle on the road should have gone through the same thing. There are several ways of buying auto insurance, and depending on which methods you’re comfortable with, you may choose to use one or the other method.

A lot of people prefer to work off the internet and find the best insurance by talking to insurance professionals through the phone or in person at a branch. This is usually the method of choice for the older generation, as they simply have more trust when dealing with people directly rather than dealing with them through a computer screen. If you would like more independent and unbiased advice, you can also choose to work through an insurance broker so they can give you a wide range of policies from which they can recommend one. These insurance brokers are true professionals when it comes to insurance, and have a deep understanding of all the policies and services they provide. If you provide them with the necessary details fo your preferences requirements and needs, then they should in theory be able to give you a suitable policy at a very reasonable rate.

It’s important to note that although insurance brokers most of the time are honest and proficient, it’s worth arming yourself with the knowledge needed to understand the policy you’re buying into. It could be that the insurance broker accidentally missed something you need, or you forgot to mention something that is a requirement. Being able to understand at least basically what everything means will put you miles ahead of someone who doesn’t understand or who hasn’t spent the time researching.

Auto insurance protects you from a massive range of things that could happen on the road. Depending on how much coverage you buy, you could be protected from more or less perils. The minimum required amount of cover in Philadelphia is liability cover. You need this as a legal requirement and for those of you really strapped for cash will probably choose this type of insurance, just so you’re not breaking the law when you drive.

Third party insurance protects your liability on the road, and will only pay out if an accident was your fault. The insurance company will pay out to repair and restore the other vehicle or property back to normal functionality. So for example, if you drive into someone else’s house, the insurance company will pay to repair the damage to the house, as well as paying for any medical bills that the occupants of the house might have associated with the accident.

Depending on how risky you are to insure, premiums may be higher or lower than normal. Always shop around for the best deal that provides you cover.